How To Get Profit 1pl/Day From Farming In Pixel Worlds

How To Get Profit 1pl/Day From Farming In Pixel Worlds - Pixel Worlds is a kairosoft sandbox game. In this game, we are required to find many world lock in various ways, ranging from fishing, trading, farming, etc. This time will give tips on how to get pretty much profit from farming in pixel worlds.

What is Farming?

Farming is an activity to plant a block farmable and harvests it as well as to crush its blocks, block farmable here is a block that if it is destroyed the percentage of drop seed larger than other blocks.
how to farming in pixel worlds

So that you can get more profit by selling Seed or using gem for buy something in the store.
To know the block is farmable or not, you can see it by checking the item details in inventory, at the bottom there is information about farmable.

Best Farm Items

I think the best item for farming is the metal platform, why? Because the block price is quite expensive around 50/1 Besides that the plant time is relatively short, it's only about 12 hours.
best farmble item pixel worlds

So in one day, you can harvest it as much as twice a day. But because the metal platform price is quite expensive, you should provide funds around 2-3 platinum Lock or about 200-300wl to get a world Full metal platform seed.

Let's count on the profit, think of it in one week you can harvest 15 times. And in my experience, once the harvest you can get a profit of about 300-500 seed, so we take the middle is about 400 seed.
Then 15x400 = 6000 seed. If the metal platform seed market price is 11/1, then you can get profit around 545 wl. Especially if coupled with profit gem earned.
how to get profit pixel worlds

Besides selling Seednya, you can also get more profit by making safe box. Caranyan is by mixing metal platform seed with small chest seed. Small Chest seed itself can be bought for 30/1 at the BSP shop.
You can profit up to 1,5pl a day if all your safe boxes are sold.

How to farming faster

Maybe for some people, farming is a long time-consuming activity, but it's a calm you can shorten it using Flask of breaking (FOB). Fob can only be used by a player that has a level 50 +.
flask of breaking pixel worlds
You can buy fob for 5/1 or make it yourself using the Magic Cauldron, the fob recipe itself is 2 shiny pebbles + 10 hanging leave + 10 nether soul.

Fob gives the effect of 3x damage to the blog being hit so you can smash quickly and easily.

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