Pro farming tips in pixel worlds you must knows

Pro farming tips in pixel worlds you must knows

Pro farming tips in pixel worlds you must knows - farming is probably the most profitable way of profit, this time will discuss how to increase profits from farming, so let's look at it right away


Perk is an additional effect that we can use in pixel worlds, at the beginning, we have no perks at all. Still, with the rising level, we will open various perks and slots.

Some perks are beneficial for farmers, namely:
  • Carefull wreck  effect:Double Chance of block dropping
  • Scent Of Gold  effect: Increase chance getting bonus item when breaking
  • Builder effect: Place block one  step further

Use Flask Of Breaking (FOB)

pixel worlds pro tips

FOB is the consumption item that can be obtained by making it use the Magic Cauldron. After consumed fob has a length of duration for 5 minutes, the efficiency of FOB is to increase the damage to hit a block as much as 300% to facilitate the farmer does its job.

FOB itself can only be used by a player who has a level 50 +. So you can't use it if it's not enough levels yet.

To get fob, you can turn the cost of 5/WL or make it using magic Cauldron. The recipe fob itself is 2 magic Pebble, 10 nether souls and 10 hanging leaves. If you only have a lot of farmable you should buy it for other people because collecting the material is hard enough and the price is unstable.

Don't rely on gem

Pixel worlds are economic games, such as other economic games, if the stock market is more than the interest of buyers, then the price of the goods will be decreased.

except farming, we can also get a gem of fishing, which is a lot more fisher than the number of farmers, besides the gem of fishing is also easier to sell than the gem of farming. This is what makes gems price dropping over time.

Therefore, you should look for other profit in addition to selling gems, one way is to change the farm item to another item more expensive, you can read more here how to get profit 1pl/day from farming in pixel worlds


pixel worlds faming tips

In addition to selling the result of farming in the form of seed or block, you can also increase the profit that you can by doing mass, for example, you are farming metal platform, the seed of the farming can be safe where the safe price is much more expensive compared to the price of the metal platform.

I often do this instead of selling farming results directly to pwexchange. The profit generated this way is higher 10-30% than the usual way.

spread seed into several worlds

Maybe you often have difficulties in taking care of the farm, because lazy to destroy its Blockis not? Therefore you have to divide it into several different times so you have a pause time for rest.

Suppose you have a 2500 seed spike bomb where the seed we can plant in one world farm, it's good to divide it into 3 or 4 farms at once, so you have a pause time to rest.

Pay attention to market prices

The market price of all the items in pixel worlds changes often, depending on the market interest and stock available, even in some cases the price changes very quickly. Let's say the current price of Spike bomb seed is on the number 999/3WL, but in the next 12 hours, the price will change to 999/4WL. 

Why can it happen? It's because pixel worlds have players from all over the world so it could have been a significant change that influenced players from other countries.

find another farmable item

Maybe we already know the conventional farmble items such as Spike Bomb and BBB block, but sooner or later the price of such items will experience a decline. Therefore it's good to look for other farmable items that have not been widely known to people.

So you can play the market price and get more profit. To list the whole item farmable, you can see it at here

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