5 valorant tips and trick for beginner

5 valorant tips and trick for beginner - ladies and gentlemen we gotta talk about the five tips that are guaranteed to level up your game, so you start popping off and hard carrying all your teammates in every single valorant game that

Covering Allies And Trading Kills

a First and most important tip that every single person needs to start doing in their games is you need to start covering the angles for your allies and trading out for kills.

The worst possible mistake and scenario in valorant period is if you are right next to an ally they get killed. Still, you let the enemy get away without getting killed himself.

Every single time someone peeks one of your teammates that is near you or peaks you that person should die as a result of that because multiple people should be trying to swing through and trying to potentially trade out for that kill every single time you push onto a location with the teammate make sure that you're calling to your teammate where you're gonna cover say hey I'm gonna be covering vent or hey I got the straight forward angle

by telling your teammates exactly where you're gonna be covering lets him know that side is clear and if you take fire then that side is obviously not clear and he can adjust his aim accordingly. Still, then he can peek the other angle, and if he gets swung on, you could instantly flick to where your friend was peeking from or your teammate and trade out the kill with him.

This is incredibly important to get right, and it's gonna be an excellent thing that you get in the habit of right now because once raked mode comes out in the next couple of weeks, you're gonna need to get this on point it is so crucial that you trade out with kills, and you have clear and concise calms when you're pushing onto a site with your teammate now another thing that you could definitely call and say to your teammates is to make sure that you say hey I'll cover you when you use your ability or hey I'll cover you when you grab the orb because I can't tell you how many times I've whipped out my recon era with sova try to launch it down a corridor only to get peaked and killed and my teammates are looking who knows where but now that I've been playing with more and more teammates. We've been trying to coordinate they will often cover my ability and then I will inversely cover theirs when they're trying to set up for an ability play so that they don't get punished in that tiny cast time window. It's the same way for like raze on stage or anything like that. When you're grabbing orbs you can make sure to potentially punish anybody that wants to peak your teammates for trying to grab that orb, that's extremely important as far as communication and protecting each other when you're trying to execute a game plan.

now the last thing that you need to do for this tip is this make sure that you call an enemy who you die to what character sometimes your teammates don't have enough time to look in the top left corner and they don't know exactly what character and you need to call how much hp you did to that character if you don't call the character your teammates might push them and then it's a Reyna gets full healed or the Reyna becomes intangible and then she turns the tables on you, or there could be all kinds of characters like jets or omens or anything like that just critical that you give clear, concise information to your team so that they can actively punish the person that you get killed by a lot easier 

Master Magazine Management

now the next big tip that you need to start doing right now is master magazine management I see it way too often that people reload when they use like five or ten bullets when enemies are nearby

it is incredibly important to know when you can reload instead of just reloading all the time I know that from a lot of games especially a game like call of duty you basically reload on demand but I can't tell you how easy it is for you to get punished when you're reloading if you have 20 bullets left in your phantom. It's a 1v1 scenario

ask yourself do you really need to reload and get those extra 5 bullets to take the 1v1 and win it definitely is a habit that you have to work on breaking. Still, I watched a recent tournament where the player Brax literally killed the entire team plus the lear from Reyna with a single magazine from the vandal.

Yes, i know that that's insane, but it just goes to show you that excellent magazine management can actually hard carry so many different fights because if Brax had reloaded at any point there, he would have got swung on and died. Still, he realized the pressure he was under he realized who was pushing him. He realized that he had to clutch up with the ammo that he had in his magazine

on top of this please please please do not peak at angle while reloading and if you do plan to reload or you need to reload try to make sure that there's no one in your immediate loss and that you'll have enough time to get the reload off even if someone full sprints to you from where you're currently at so you can hear their footsteps. You'll know that they're pushing you. However, your reload will actually be done by the time they get there so that you can still fight and duel them now as the last tip as far as reloading is concerned to keep in mind that reloading makes noise for the enemies.

enemies can hear you reloading so if you're really close by, or you know enemies are close by, do not reload, they can quickly come out and punish you and if you hear an enemy reloading keep that audio in mind because that's something that you could quickly push

Running Is A Viable Option

now for the next step that you need to start doing right away and it has to do with giving away your position when moving, I know that you don't want to give away your position right, you want to walk around the map not tell anyone where you are but if you ever get revealed by get a kill or get revealed by cypher or recon arrow or anything like that.

in that scenario there is no point in walking anymore, running can get you into a better safer place or position much quicker, and the enemies already know where you are so it doesn't matter that they constantly know where you're moving to

sure once you get some distance then you can go back to being a little bit incognito you can go back to walking again, but in the incidences, after you get a kill or the instances right when you get information to keep in mind that enemies are gonna know where you are, and they're gonna kind of have a general understanding of where you are for a while

if you slow peak a corner and enemies already know you're coming from that direction it's gonna be really easy for them to punish you for that so definitely keep that in mind and don't be afraid to move far more rapidly or run around if your location is already revealed now 

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How To Deal With Operators

the next valorant tips and trick for beginner that we have for you is how to deal with the operator. operator are so powerful, and sometimes they can feel oppressive to deal with, and I'm gonna break down everything you need to know to shut them down 

so the first thing you need to understand about ops is why are they good and bad and what are they good at bad at doing

so the operator is very good at holding long sidelines and punishing enemies for peaking him, and it's really good at holding sightlines

now, what is it really bad a,t it's terrible at retaking a sight, and that is exactly the scenario that you want to force them into.

now, how do you force an op into actually retaking a site if they were on defense or anything like that.

how do you force them to actually rotate a site that they're holding well you want to be using utility and los blocking abilities to really make it so that they don't know whether or not you're pushing on the point because they don't want to be fighting you in a close effective range

so it forces them to relocate in addition to that you never want to be peeking along the sideline at all if you know the enemy could buy operator because it's incredibly risky 

it's so easy for them to potentially get a kill on you and get out safely if you are close range and someone is hoping, and they killed one of your allies

we talked about trading kills before, but it's so important that at that exact moment you swing to try to punish the opera there's a long time between each shot, and you have to punish them in that window especially if it's close range it's crucial to push up on them and punish them, and then you can even take their op if you want to, but it's crucial to at least shut that down and not let them get away with the kill for free 

now if you do have to peek in op what I would highly suggest you do is actually double pick it up where one of you goes short peak, and one of you goes a farther peak, and you commit to trying to trade with the operator more than likely one of you are gonna die

but if there's only one operator left like that's the only person on the enemy team you do not want to set up a scenario where you peak them multiple times solo it's far better for them to get a kill and you trade out then give them the potential to potentially trade out for one kill set up in another angle and then trade out for the alternate kill

Snowballing after winning the pistol rounds

then we're going to valorant tips number five this is talking about what you do after you win round one the pistol round 

so winning round one is something that can snowball into many more rounds in the future if you win that first round what you need to be doing is buying a good solid weapon plus armor because the second round can be free the enemy often will not buy anything and even if they can they're gonna be buying shotguns or anything like that

it's gonna mess up their economy, but if you buy a really well-rounded weapon like the spectre and armor you're in such a huge advantage going into the second round that it's almost a guaranteed win

you could snowball that first round win into a second round win and on the third round here's what I'm gonna tell you to do you won the second round, so you didn't lose your gun

do not buy an upgrade to a rifle if you do buy an upgrade to a rifle you're going to be throwing your spectre on the ground you're not going to be getting the maximum amount of value for the price you paid, and this is a chance to win

what I would call a bonus round sure the enemy saved round two, and now they will be upgraded to ars, but if you play outside of their effective range and in closer corridors you still have a pretty decent possibility to win 

it's not the difference between pistols and a spectre in an ar is a much closer distance, and you can still win those if you take effective fights and take effective trades on top of that any trade you get 

you could trade out for better weapons, and if you manage to win this bonus round altogether your team can effectively trade up and take the enemy's weapon 

the enemy is still gonna have to save for a round, and your team is gonna have some number of weapon plus you're gonna be able to stack a lot of the economy for future rounds which could snowball even harder into potential operators and things like that

that makes it so you can really leave the enemy in the dust so pistol round could turn into two rounds very easily and if you win that bonus round it could turn into a fourth round win a fifth round win a sixth round win and that just snowballs over and over again and compounds into you potentially winning the entire game just off of that one decision that one clutch round could turn into many more rounds one 

and then you might be asking okay but what if I lose the bonus round wasn't that a waste, no it wasn't really a waste because you guarantee at least to get some amount of trades mess up the enemy's economy at least a little bit and even if you lose you still have saved the money because you won the spec around and you might have lost this round, but you're still gonna have enough money, more than enough money to buy weapon for the proceeding round so now you're on a level playing field with the enemy, and you're still up two rounds to one 

so it's really not that bad of a scenario even if you lose so I would highly suggest you try this out I would highly suggest you understand this concept because it's gonna let you win a lot more games and potentially snowball games incredibly easily where you just roll the enemy team

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